Terms & Conditions

Entry into the 2019 NSW Tourism Awards is subject to the following terms and conditions. By ticking the terms and conditions box on the Awards portal the person submitting nomination details, hereby after referred to as the entrant, agrees to the following:

  • The entrant agrees to complete nomination details and paying their relevant entry fee by 5pm, Friday 28th June 2019. Entry fees received after this date will incur a $150 increase on the total entry fee.
  • The entrant may withdraw their nomination by notifying the NSW Tourism Awards Coordinator via email to admin@nswtourismawards.com before 5pm, Tuesday 13th August 2019 AEST and receive a refund of their paid entry fee, less a $100 administration fee.
  • The entrant will forfeit their entry fee in full if they do not advise of their withdrawal from the awards via email before 5pm, Tuesday 13th August 2019 AEST
  • The entrant agrees to complete their submission in accordance with the Rules of Entry and submit via the Awards portal by 5pm, Tuesday 13th August 2019 AEST. Submissions received after this date will not be considered for judging.

Our Assurance
All information submitted is strictly confidential. All persons, for example Tourism Awards Coodinators and judges, who may come into contact with your submission, are each required to sign a confidentiality agreement and at no time will your submission be downloaded.


By entering the 2019 NSW Tourism Awards, you authorise the use and/or reproduction of images and the 100 word description provided in relation to any editorial/advertising purposes initiated in conjunction with the awards and the Australian Tourism Awards.
Your contact details may also be supplied to agencies/sponsors engaged on behalf of award/organisers/committees for promotional purposes.
Under no circumstances will judges be held responsible for any comment, viewpoint or expression, whether expressed or implied, concerning the standard or quality of an entrant’s submission.  By ticking the terms and conditions box, you agree not to bring a claim against any Judge, or state/territory Award owner in relation to feedback on your submission.